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Harding Podiatry offers Richie Brace assessment, casting and prescribing in Sydney.

The Richie Brace is a custom AFO that has 2 adjustable uprights placed either side of the leg and ankle which articulate with the contoured orthotic footplate. This allows for unrestricted ankle motion (excluding the restricted hinge AFO).

Features of the Richie Brace include:

  • Custom Balanced Foot Orthotic
  • Standard 35mm Heel Cup fits into the bottom of the heel counter of the shoe
  • Anatomic Ankle Axis Hinge Placement
  • Semi-rigid lower limb supports
  • Custom contoured footplate attachment

Benefits of the Richie Brace include:

  • Control of first Ray, Midtarsal and Subtalar joints
  • Control of Calcaneal inversion/eversion
  • Pure, unrestricted sagittal ankle Motion
  • Thin posterior plastic shell allows optimal shoe fit
  • No need to increase shoe size
Richie Brace Custom Fitting Sydney

Richie Brace Types

  1. The Richie Standard AFO
    Iindicated for challenging foot and ankle pathologies such as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (Adult acquired flatfoot) and ankle instability.

  2. Arch Suspender (medial or lateral)
    Arch Suspender modifications (medial or lateral) are indicated for severe cases of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and extreme pronation.

  3. Fixed Hinge AFO
    Indicated for ankle and subtalar joint osteoarthritis as well as dropfoot.

  4. Dynamic Assist AFO
    Indicated for the stabilisation of the foot and ankle in patients with weakness of leg muscles (foot drop) which may be the result from stroke, mild cerebral palsy, Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, spinal cord surgery or peroneal nerve trauma.

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